“i don’t watch tv” proudly says a person who spend 8 hours a day in the internet

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Vacation. Finally. Photo cred: @ladyluofthewolves


Vacation. Finally. Photo cred: @ladyluofthewolves

Ian Harding | Silly Faces

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Happy Anniversary Ezria! We’ve been blessed with five entire seasons of Aria and Ezra’s love story. Even though their journey has been far from perfect and definitely has been rough, I know they will get their happy ending eventually. And even though their story wasn’t what we originally thought (*glares at writers*) it was still love. The day they first laid eyes on each other, they fell in love. I’m so proud of Lucy and Ian for bringing Aria and Ezra’s to life with their insane chemistry!

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make me choose: anonymous asked
Wren Kingston or Toby Cavanaugh

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Happy anniversary Aria & Ezra

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Ian Harding’s 2nd T-shirt for lupus!

Ian Harding’s 2nd T-shirt for lupus!

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janelparrish: Look who I found! At closing night of #ftrtarantino @ianmharding

janelparrish: Look who I found! At closing night of #ftrtarantino @ianmharding

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I’m back on tumblr!!! yeah!!

Julian Morris in Amazon Studio’s Hand Of God

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Force kids in school to read crappy, overrated books that are “the best books ever written” solely because they’re “classics” and then call those kids idiots because those aren’t the kind of books they like to read and sit back and wonder why we have a nation full of multiple generations worth of people who willfully and proudly refuse to read.


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photo by halfadams

photo by halfadams

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getting older is scary can i stop

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